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If someone does not learn the easy way,they are bound to learn the hard way, someday;Just don't be too eager to be the teacher,as you might find yourself learning some tough lessons yourself..."<< New text box >>

Philosophy article on ...RULES

Our outlook of the ...universe,can be as diverse as the population.So we use this section to express our values,

attitudes,behaviours and goals.The intention is to spark informative debates as well entertain our minds....

My MARCH film choices here...

Every MONTH...we chose a couple of movie releases to showcase as our choice(For you to visit the cinema)

We entertain and tease you with the accompanying trailers...

MEXICO warn TRUMP about ...wall

Read latest...saga about Trump's administration .

An article copied from a BBC News Website.

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exercises that build up your stamina and fitness for the month ofJanuary,February and March..here


Enjoy your weekend football with us.Start with our weekly 20 team subjective and objective preview.Analysing fan mood,last match and on going stats.As well as light comments about recent events.


 Enjoy your Sundays and ...early mornings with some fine worship and praise songs.Boost your spiritual mood and antenna with carefully selected Christian audios and videos...here

Leicester re-ignite their season with a 3-1 win over Liverpool.

Read my Live text Review of the ...match in Footballchoice page.

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